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Christmas Yankee Candles

Happy Blogmas Day 8!

In the past couple of years I have written a couple of these posts. 

I've been a massive fan of Yankee Candle for years and have always loved their Christmas scents so I thought I would share some of my favourite from their Christmas candle options.

Surprise Snowfall
This candle definitely has a very fresh scent and with hints of Elderberry and Rosemary also to me has a slightly fruity smell to it. I'm not sure how festive this candle makes me feel as it doesn't have your typical Christmas scent but it's definitely something I will enjoy burning.

Singing Carols
I've said this about a couple of candles in previous hauls and I'm still not sure how I feel about these kind of scents but this candle for some reason really reminds me of a mens shower gel. One of the main scents in this candle is pine and it definitely reminds me of Christmas.

Holiday Hearth
This candle definitely has your typical festive spice scent to it looking at the 
fragrance notes you can most definitely get the cinnamon and vanilla scents which go together to create a scent that everyone remembers around the Christmas season.

Christmas Morning Punch
This scent is probably my favourite from the 4 I ordered. It is a very fruity scent! With a good mix of pomegranate, strawberry and cranberry it smells so good you could almost want to eat it! It's rare for me that I find a fruity scented candle that I like however this one is definitely a winner for me!


What's your favourite Christmas Scent?

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