Baileys Choc Orange Hot Choc - 12 Days Of Blogmas

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                                            Happy Blogmas Day 7!

Over the years I have made various flavoured hot chocolates, including a salted caramel hot chocolate that I made a couple of weeks ago. I love playing around with recipes and creating something from scratch.

For this post I decided to create a festive flavoured hot chocolate with everyones favourite cream liqueur.

I made some chocolate orange cupcakes a while ago and ever since I have been LOVING anything orange flavoured!

What you need
Whipped Cream
2-3 segments chocolate orange
2tbsp cocoa powder
250ml milk
Baileys Irish Cream

What to do...
Add the milk to a saucepan and heat until hot but don't allow the milk to boil

Once hot remove from the heat and add the chocolate into the mixture

stir until all the chocolate has melted

add in around 2tbsp of Baileys (or however much you want)

mix well and pour into a glass or mug of your choice

add marshmallows and cream to the top and enjoy!

What's your favourite festive drink?

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