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Happy Blogmas Day 3!

I hope everyone is enjoying Blogmas so far! For today's post I wanted to write something different. 
Back in May I wrote a post about the things I wanted to do once the first UK lockdown was over (you can check that out here if you are interested) and it was one of my most popular posts so for this post I want to share my festive bucket list with you!

See Christmas Lights
The first thing I'd love to be able to do this year is to go on a night time drive around our local area to check out everyone's Christmas light displays! I remember always loving doing this as a young child and it's definitely something I would like to start doing again.

Festive Movie Night
Who doesn't love a good movie night and what could be better than one that only includes Christmas films! Nothing like getting cosy under blankets with snacks surrounded by Christmas lights and decorations.

Go Ice Skating
As things stand this is probably the one thing on this list I am unlikely to be able to do however it is definitely something I would still love to try soon!

Attempt to make my own Peppermint Bark 
I have always loved Peppermint Bark and although I spend alot of my time baking and experimenting with recipes, Peppermint Bark is something I've never tried to make before. So my plan this year is to not only attempt to make one but also blog about my experience making one and what I did.

Make A Christmas Inspired Hot Drink
If you saw my post a couple weeks back you will know that I had some fun making an Autumn inspired Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate and I had so much fun with the planning of that recipe and making the drink that I wanted to do something similar for the festive season.

Visit a garden centre
This may seem like a strange thing to want to do for some people however, anyone who knows me will know that every year I buy or am given a new bauble for my Christmas tree. Also who doesn't love a good garden centre Sunday roast!

Garden Centre Xmas Decs

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