Christmas Shop With Me - 12 Days Of Blogmas

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My biggest plan for this year is to support small business as much as possible. So for this post I wanted to share some of my favourite small business I have found or been recommended to try!

I found Sophy's Instagram account a month or so ago when I was looking around for some scrunchies for a relatives birthday present. Her products are amazing and all handmade to order. She has also recently started making face masks which match with some of her scrunchies for anyone who wants to check them out.

Emily runs a business local to me called Cultivate and has recently opened her own actual shop after years of selling her products on Etsy. This business was recommended to me by a friend and after checking out her products I am definitely very tempted to buy something soon! She makes beautiful handmade glass & flower art & jewelry as well as selling some absolutely amazing house plants.

Another of my favourite small businesses is run by the amazing Jemma! (Dorkfacecreates) Jemma makes amazing illustrated pieces, ranging from bookmarks to badges, prints and stickers. I have been following her business for years and it has been amazing watching her grow and get the recognition she deserves!

The last business I wanted to mention was KokoRoseWaxCo . I found their Instagram recently as well as their large range of scent options for really affordable prices, Koko Rose is Vegan and Cruelty Free and also environmentally friendly which is one thing I absolutely love about them! 

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