Christmas Eve Box - 12 Days of Blogmas

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                                            Happy Blogmas Day 6!

When I was younger we never did Christmas Eve boxes however we did always open 1 present from under the tree.  As I've got older more and more people have started making Christmas Eve boxes for their families. 

As I live alone and usually wake up Christmas morning by myself I have never really seen the point in making one for my family. That is until this year when I had the idea to make a Boxing Day box. 

Boxing day for me and my family is usually spent chilling out at my house in our PJs eating bacon sandwiches and left over Christmas snacks whilst playing games and generally having fun. So this year to make things a bit more festive and special I wanted to create a box for each member of my family to open and enjoy on boxing day.

So for this post I thought I would share some ideas for making the best Christmas Eve/Boxing Day boxes without breaking the bank.

Miniature alcohol
Anyone who knows me will know that I love anything in miniature and so one thing I always buy for anyone is a miniature bottle of alcohol. For my boxes  I wanted to get everyone a mini bottle of their favourite drink! My favourite place to get alcohol minis from is here as I find them really affordable and they usually have very good delivery time.

Chocolate is great for anybody no matter their age and why not treat someone to some festive chocolates.

Lip Scrub/Face Mask
When it comes to beauty products I'm more likely to buy someone something they wouldn't buy for themselves. So I feel like lip scrubs or face masks are something which can be a bit more of a treat whilst also not spending too much.

Hot Chocolate Tasters
This is something that can cost you barely any money to make and can be tailored to the specific person you are creating the stocking for.. eg (white, milk or dark powder)

Fluffy Socks
This time of year can get very cold (depending on where you are) and so what better than getting someone some fluffy socks

Face Masks 
In normal times I wouldn't include this in a Christmas Eve box, however this year things have been very different to normal and as everyone is required to wear one in shops and at work (some people not everyone) I thought it might be nice to help get into the festive spirit. I may decide to give these out earlier than Christmas eve though so they have a chance to be worn.

Christmas PJS
Whether you are a dress up for Christmas kinda person or a pj person who doesn't love festive pjyamas! I picked up these cute ones from Shein the other week and I love them!

Festive DVDs
If you're anything like me you will love watching Christmas films this time of year So I wanted to pick up a copy of everyones favourite festive film.

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