Blogmas Intro - 12 Days Of Blogmas

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Intro To Blogmas Graphic 

Happy Blogmas Day 1!

For the past couple of years I haven't taken part in any Blogmas related festivities however this year I've decided to bring back 12 Days of Blogmas. The idea is to write a post every other day in the lead up to Christmas.

I have attempted Blogmas a couple of times before (you can read my previous posts here if you are interested). 

As of right now it is November 19th and the UK is currently mid way through another lockdown and due to being furloughed from my job I currently have nothing but time. So I figured why not fully immerse myself in the Christmas vibes and start writing more posts while I can.

So up until 23rd December you can expect to see a Christmas related post every other day!

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