Updated Hair Care Routine

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Hair Care Routine 2020

The last hair care routine I posted was in 2016 and ALOT has changed since then so I've decided to write an updated routine. If you have been following me since then you will know that in 2015 I dyed my hair dark brown from blonde. I have been doing this consistently
 for around 5 years now.

In my previous post I was talking about how I would use the Herbal Essences colour range and how it was the best for my hair however this has now changed. I now currently alternate between a hair dresser recommended oil based shampoo and a cheaper drugstore brand. As much as I would love to be only able to the more expensive brand it is quite a fair amount of money so not something I can afford regularly.

Unless I have plans to go out mid week I will usually only wash my hair 1-2 times a week. This is something I have been doing the past couple of years and honestly my hair is in a much better condition so if you are able to leave your hair longer between washes I would definitely recommend doing so.

In between washes I will use a dry shampoo to refresh my hair. I have tried out many dry shampoos over the years and the one I am currently using is a supermarket brand.  It most definitely isn't the best dry shampoo money can get however I would say I prefer it to everyone's favourite 'Batiste'.

Unlike my skin my hair does tend to get oily fairly easily and I was recommended by my hairdresser to use an oil based shampoo to try combat this. So a couple of times a year I will treat myself to some products from the Kevin Murphy range. My favourites are the Angel Wash and Angel Rinse products which are created for fine coloured hair.

When I am not using them I will use the Garnier ultimate blends Shampoo which contains Argan Oil and cranberry and honestly smells incredible!

Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo

The only other product I use on my hair I use a couple times a month just to refresh my hair is a hair mask. The one I am currently using is from the Garnier Ultimate blends range which contains Aloe Vera and Coconut.

Garnier Hair Mask

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