Peach Iced Tea Recipe

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 Peached Iced Tea Recipe

As crazy as this may sound to some people, it doesn't matter what the season is I will always love drinking iced drinks whether that's iced tea or iced coffee.

Lately I've been really enjoying making my own iced drinks at home and experimenting with different flavours. My all time favourite iced tea drink is the Iced Peach Green Tea from Starbucks and I thought I would share the recipe I use to remake it at home!

For the peach syrup
In a saucepan put in equal parts hot water and sugar (I used 1 1/2 cups water and 1 1/2 cups sugar)

Chop up and add in your peaches (I used 4)

Place the lid on top and gently heat for around 30 mins to reduce down the water

Occasionally taste the water mix being careful not to burn your mouth! The idea here is that once the mix has reduced enough the 'syrup' will have a peach taste to it. 

Once you have your desired taste, remove from the heat and leave to cool for 2-24hrs, in this time the 'syrup' will become more of a syrupy consistency

Once the syrup has cooled, strain into a glass container and store for up to 2 

Peach syrup in the making

For the iced tea
Using a large sized jug, pour boiling water over 3-4 tea bags. Leave the tea to brew for a couple of mins

Once brewed, remove the tea bags and place the jug in the fridge until chilled.

In a glass put in a couple of ice cubes and a little of the peach syrup you made earlier

Add in the iced tea and garnish with a slice of peach 

iced tea end pic

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