Halloween Week 2020 - Top 5 Halloween Films

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For the 2nd post of this Halloween Series I thought I would share my top 5 favourite films to watch around Halloween. 

Hocus Pocus definitely had to be on this list! This film is definitely my favourite film to watch around Halloween and I'm sure I am not the only one. Filmed in the 90s it is definitely a classic which is loved by many.
After a young boy who's recently moved to the town lights a cursed candle, 3 witches (Sarah Jessica-Parker, Bette Middler & Kathy Najimy) resurrect for revenge and cause terror to the town.

Friday 13th is definitely a good film to watch if you are into slasher style horror movies. The original movie was made in 1980 and there has since been 12 films made in the franchise so there are many options to choose from when it comes to this film.

In the film a young boy drowns in a lake near a camp.  The next year at the camp 2 counselors are murdered. Fast forward 20 years at the re opening of the camp and each counselor is murdered one by one.  Could someone be back for revenge?

Similar to Friday 13th,  Halloween is another thriller/horror style film that has many different versions to it, the most recent version being released in 2018. The film follows a woman who comes face to face with a masked figure who previously tried killing her during a killing spree 40 years ago.

This is not a film I have watched in a couple years however is most definitely a film that comes to mind when you think about Halloween.

I recently asked around for people's favourite Halloween films and this film is one that came up a couple of times. Filmed in the late 90s this is the first of 2 comedies in the top 5! The film follows a young witch learning she is a witch and in turn helping to save the town she lives in from evil.

Having recently watched this a couple of days ago it was definitely a film I wanted to add to this list! Filmed in the 90s it follows a family of con artists and their plans to fleece an 'interesting' family. This comedy is definitely a must watch at Halloween! 

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