Halloween Week 2020 - Candy Corn Inspired Jelly

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Each Halloween I write a post centered around baking or Halloween themed drinks. The last post I wrote was Halloween themed cupcakes which you can check out here if you are interested. 

So for Day 4 of Halloween Week I wanted to try and make something I've never really tried on here before.

I love the idea of making miniature food as it's something that has always interested me (I personally think things taste better in miniature but that's just me) 

For this recipe I chose to use the Hartley's jelly cubes.

You Will Need
Yellow Jelly Mix
Orange Jelly Mix
Hot Water
candy corn jelly ingredient flatlay

What To Do
1. The first step of making candy corn jelly is making the orange jelly level that will go on the bottom

2. Using the instructions on the jelly packet, mix a couple of jelly cubes with hot water from the kettle and mix until dissolved

3. Pour the yellow jelly mix into each glass, filling up the glass 1/3 each time

orange jelly in shot glasses ready to cool

4. Let the yellow jelly set by placing the cups into the fridge/freezer 

5.  Whilst waiting for the Jelly to set, make the 2nd jelly mix using the orange jelly and leave to cool (make sure this doesn't set) 

6. Once the yellow jelly has set pour the cooled orange jelly mix on top and place the cups back into the fridge to set

7. Once the orange jelly has set this is where you can then add your white topping, this can be anything you want it to be depending on your own personal taste (make sure it is white!)

For my candy corn jelly's I decided to use whipped cream as when I was a child I would always love jelly and ice cream or jelly and cream!

I then topped the cream with orange pumpkin shaped cake sprinkles to improve the appearance of them and make them look more appealing!

candy corn instagram pic

Let me know what your favourite Halloween snack is!

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