Halloween Week 2020 - Blog Post Ideas

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Halloween is definitely a fun part of the year for me and I always like to get into the Spooky Season spirit so for the next 5 days in the lead up to Halloween I will be posting 5 Halloween themed blog posts. 

For the first post in this series I wanted to share some Halloween themed blog post Ideas for anyone looking for some inspiration this season.

Halloween Baking - Bake something and share it with us  

Pumpkin Carving - Show us how you carve your pumpkin 

Halloween Makeup - Film or write a Halloween inspired makeup tutorial

Halloween Plans - Tell us about any plans you have for Halloween.. Do you participate? Is it not your thing? 

Halloween Films - Share your favourite Halloween or scary films  

Blog Props - Are there any blog props you use for Halloween photos? Share them with us 

Share your Halloween playlist

Share how to plan the best Halloween Party

Halloween Costume Ideas DIY - Walk us through making your own Halloween costume at home

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