5 Autumn Blog Prop Ideas

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I find these posts so incredibly useful for getting ideas for what to use in any seasonal flatlays I take both for my blog and Instagram. I usually tend to change these up seasonally or so that they fit with the theme of the photo.

So I figured that in this post I would share with you some of the props I use when taking Autumn themed photos.

Autumnal .... are probably one of the most useful  and easy to find props and can add a little something extra to your photos

Using scarves or blankets as props adds more texture to your photos whilst also helping to add to the comfy and cosy vibe that Autumn brings with it.

Pumpkins can be a great asset to any Autumnal photo as well as Halloween related photos. You can buy large ones and use them as the main focus for the image or you can buy smaller ones and use them to fill space around your main focus.

Candles are another item that can definitely help to add to the cosyness of an image however do be careful with lit flames!

Fairy Lights
Fairy lights can be great for any season as they can help to add extra light and dimension to the photo to make it look more interesting.

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