Autumn Shopping Trip & Experience

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 Autumn  Shopping Trip & My Experience

A couple of days ago I decided to go and check out what the shops currently had in store for the Autumn/Winter season. I thought it might be interesting to share with you some of the items I picked up and also how my experience was shopping in these uncertain times.

On every shopping trip I go on I always take a trip to a cafe for a coffee and a bite to eat before getting into the shopping. Usually we tend to go to Cafe Nero as they have a loyalty scheme where you buy 12 coffee's or hot drinks and get your next one free.
In order to keep inline with the current guidelines and ensure safety of customers and staff their cafes are working with a one way system and all food & drinks are provided in takeaway cups/boxes. 

cafe nero coffee & vegan cheesecake

In terms of beauty I picked up a couple of staple items that I use everyday and also a couple of new products to try.

After walking into Boots I was happy to find out my current favourite moisturiser was 1/2 price so picked up a new bottle for when my current bottle is empty. I also repurchased the waterproof mascara I'm currently using.

fashion necklace
The first store I went into as usual was Primark. I went in looking for a couple of Autumn staples as well as to simply look around and see what they had. Our Primark is fairly small compared to many others I've seen so doesn't have as much to offer.

That being said I definitely managed to pick up some items which I am absolutely in love with! My favourite item I picked up was a burgundy winter coat. I honestly fell in love with this coat the minute I saw it! I'm a fairly short person and so most winter coats come up too long on me however this one was the perfect size! I also felt that £23 for a coat was very affordable and that hopefully it would be a coat that could last me a few years.

I also picked up a couple of Autumn/Winter staples including long sleeve tops, winter tights and a pair of their black jeans.

I picked up 3 pairs of shoes (1 pair was actually slippers but that still counts as a pair of shoes right?)

The first pair of shoes I picked up were a pair of their 90p flip flops. I have had my current pair from there around a year and they are so affordable and still comfy to wear.

Every year (sometimes multiple times a year) I pick up a pair of their black ankle boots. I tend to wear these for work and so they get worn quite easily but for only £9 they are a great quality and something I am more than happy to repurchase.

I know this post is mostly a post about items I picked up whilst out shopping recently however I also placed an order on Shein a few weeks ago so thought I would add some of the items I picked up from there.

red Shein top

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