Top 6 Summer Bag Essentials

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Top 6 Summer Bag Essentials

Although there is technically not much time left of Summer I still wanted to share with you the top 10 items I always carry around with me this time of year.


Sunglasses are so important this time of year to protect your eyes from the sun.  I spend around an hour to 11/2 hours commuting to and from work this is usually early mornings or afternoon time so the sun is usually quite bright.
Anyone who knows me will know how bad I am at looking after sunglasses and not breaking them so I usually buy most of my sunglasses from cheaper shops such as Primark.
Bag Essentials Flatlay

Hand Cream & Body Spray
As I am currently working front of house in a restaurant I am often having to sanitize my hands alot more often than I would whilst not working. This can dry my hands out quite a bit and so I like to carry round a hand cream with me just to help protect my hands a little bit.
The hand cream I'm currently loving is the Body Shop hand cream in the grapefruit scent which honestly smells incredible!

Body spray and deodorant are imperative during the warmer months and especially when serving customers you want to be able to look and smell your best. My favourite body spray scent is currently a Sea Grape & Hibiscus scent I picked up from Superdrug a couple months ago and it definitely has a very refreshing summer vibe to it! 

As everyone knows, with the current ongoing pandemic everyone is being advised to use hand sanitizer wherever possible so I usually carry round a couple in my bag. My current favourite is a Bubble T hand gel I picked up from Home Bargains in a peach scent.

Body Shop Hand Cream & Superdrug Body Spray

Aside from my keys a charger is probably the most important item I keep in my bag, I work fairly long hours and often need to charge my phone mid shift to ensure I have battery for the drive home should I need it. I also love to listen to music on my commute and so I will also charge my phone in the car. You can check out my current playlist here if you are interested.

Moisturiser with SPF
A moisturiser is an important product to have all year round however this time of year when the sun is at its hottest it is so important to have a moisturiser that has SPF protection in it. You should also remember to carry sun cream with you when you go out too! My current favourite is the Olay Complete moisturiser for normal to oily skin with SPF 15.

Makeup for touch ups 
As I previously mentioned I work front of house, this means that I am one of the first people customers will see when they come into the pub/cafe so I always try to look my best (this can be hard when working in the heat!).

I usually carry around a spare concealer in my bag so that I am able to do some quick touch ups if I need to. I am currently using my all time favourite concealer which is the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer. 

If you are interested in a what's in my makeup bag let me know in the comments.
Olay Moisturiser & Makeup Flatlay
What's the most important item you keep in your bag? 

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