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I thought today I would answer some summer related TAG questions.

Do you consider yourself a Summer person?
Honestly probably not, I'm really not the biggest fan of the heat that comes with summer and the idea of sitting out in the sun is definitely not for me.. I actually find it kind of boring. 

What's your favourite summer drink?
100% Iced tea or Iced coffee! 

What is Summer like where you live?
I live in Cornwall so the weather isn't always that great but it definitely does get a bit hotter.

Picnic must have?
For me it has to be anything in miniature! For some reason food just tastes better in miniature.

Favourite Ice Cream Flavour
My favourite ice cream flavour is usually something simple like mint chocolate chip or anything with raspberries and white chocolate

Perfect Summer Evening
I'd probably say my perfect summer evening would be either a beach bonfire/BBQ with a couple drinks and friends or a summer evening in a pub beer garden with a couple ciders. Where I live can get pretty cold and wet so it's nice to enjoy the warmer weather I can.

Top 2 Summer Beauty Essentials
Next weeks post is actually a Summer essentials post full of all the products and items I can't live without during Summer

Have you got any Summer plans?
As we have spent the last few months in Lockdown there's so quite a bit I would like to be able to do this Summer. At the time of writing this post it is currently June 21 so restaurants and pubs are currently still closed however this is likely to change before this post goes up.

So at the moment I would love to be able to go out for lunches and dinners and support local businesses. I would also love to be able to go to the beach for the day at least once this Summer without worrying about social distancing etc (weather permitting of course).

Summer Throwbacks
A few years ago I posted some summer throwbacks and whilst I was going through some old photos a couple weeks back I found some more that I wanted to share.

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