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Good afternoon to anyone reading this, I hope everyone has had a good week! Today I decided to post an updated pamper routine for Summer.The last pamper routine I posted was in 2015 (you can check that out here). I also plan to write an Autumn/Winter related one later in the year as I do change up a couple things.

As random as this may sound to some people, I usually have a pamper day mid week. This is due to the fact that I work evenings 6 nights a week and so I only have the one night off to pamper and chill.

The first thing I will usually do as part of a pamper is to have a shower (I find baths more relaxing however I don't have a bath in my flat.

girl wearing a face mask

Whilst I am in the shower I will usually listen to some chilled out music which helps to get me into a more relaxed mood. This is where I will shave, exfoliate and also usually wash my hair. My current favourite products to use are:
Any Body Shop Shower Gel (Currently using their Rich Plum Scent)

After getting out the shower I will put on a face mask and watch a film or something on Netflix. I will normally keep the face mask on for around 15-20 mins depending on what is recommend. After washing it off I will then do my evening skincare routine. (Let me know if you are interested in seeing this). On a pamper day/evening I want to be as chilled as possible so I will usually chill out for the rest of the afternoon/evening in pyjamas or my dressing gown with multiple cups of tea! I have currently just finished watching New Girl so if anyone has any recommendations on good series to watch I would be massively grateful.

white nails on a fluffy background

One thing I always love to do when I'm having a pamper day is to re do my nails as it feels really great having a fresh set of nails! I will be posting an updated nail care routine sometime in the next couple of months but if you are interested you can check out my old one here

The last part of my pamper routine is to fake tan. I do this as the last thing I do before bed as it has been long enough since I showered that the tan wont sink into my pores and look bad. I also prefer to sleep in my fake tan as then I can shower off the guide colour in the morning and I am then ready for the day ahead! The tan I'm currently using is the Rimmel London Sunshimmer tan mousse in medium which I have been using for years and absolutely love!

Let me know what your favourite part of a pamper routine is! 

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