Useful Apps I Use For Blogging & Instagram

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Recently I saw a post from Beth Sandland a while ago about the apps she used for blogging and Instagram and I thought this was an amazing idea! When I started blogging there really wasn't many apps that you could use for things like planning blog posts, 

This is the app that I usually use for planning my Instagram feed. There are quite a few apps out there now for this kind of thing but this is the one I have found I prefer to use.

I have been using Canva for a few years now and it is the software I use to edit and create my blog headers and my post headers. I will admit that I usually prefer to use the desktop version as I find it easier and I'm usually working on my laptop when I need it, however my highlight covers on my Instagram were created through the app.

PS Express is the app I will use the most to edit my photos for any Instagram food posts and also for any photos I use on my blog. There are so many apps around for photo editing and it really is a case of just finding one you like to use. I'm probably one of the only bloggers not using Lightroom but it's just not a software I enjoy using.

VSCO is another photo editing app and is easy to save filters used on previous photos which is great for keeping a more put together Instagram feed, however is also great for just simple photo edits too which is what I mostly use it for I have had themes on my Instagram a couple times now and am currently enjoying just uploading whatever I want without worrying if it suits a certain theme. 

Unfold is an app that allows you to plan Instagram stories, most of the time I like the natural look of uploading a story as and when I want to using the Instagram app itself, however I will use Unfold if I am going to an event or on a holiday that I'm able to take photos at but want the stories to look a bit more put together.

Alot of my blog photos and Instagram photos are taken on either my Iphone or a camera I've had for years I will usually use airbrush to blur the background so that the focus is on one part of the image. This can help to make your photos look like they were taken with a more professional camera which can naturally do this. I will also occasionally edit out any blemishes I have with this app too.

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