Fathers Day Gift Guide

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image of a dad and 2 children

So as most of you will know 
Fathers Day is next week and if you are anything like me you always leave things to the very last minute when buying things like presents. 

Fathers Day for most people this year is likely to be very different to usual as at the time of writing this most places are still closed (some shops open Monday however not all and not places such as pubs & restaurants). 

So for this gift guide I wanted to share some ideas for the day itself as well as just ideas for gifts as alot of dads I know are happy to just spend the day with their children & family.

Gift Ideas

Day Out/In Ideas

Breakfast In Bed
If you're lucky enough to be spending lockdown together, start the day with a breakfast in bed treat,  make him his favourite breakfast or even just bring him a hot drink! Remember it's the thought that counts.

Film Nights
If you're not bored of watching films or shows yet then one idea could be getting comfy, grabbing some movie snacks and having a chilled out day/evening watching yours or his favourite films together (if you can).

BBQ & Snacks
As the weather in the UK has been mostly good these past few weeks one thing I know most dads love to do is set up a BBQ and have a fun night out in the garden with a few ciders/beers. 

Picnic Walks
Similar to the BBQ idea why not pack a bag with some of his favourite snacks/lunches and go for a walk and picnic somewhere.

Virtual Pub Quiz/Video Calls
If you're not able to spend the day with your dad due to the lockdown there are many ways to celebrate virtually whether this is just a phone call chat or a virtual pub quiz over a video call.

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