Bedruthan Steps Spa Day

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Hot Tub Picture

On 11th March me and my mum went for a Spa Day at Bedruthan Steps using a voucher given to us for Christmas. It's taken me a while to write this post as I want to make sure it's how I want and I also want to be mindful of the situation going on right now. The Spa itself has some absolutely stunning views overlooking the beach below.

Beach view from window

In order to get the most out of the day we chose to both pay for a package deal, this included -
  • Half day use of the spa from 10am - 2pm
  • Use of the pools and hydro pools
  • 45 minute back, neck & shoulder massage
  • Lunch in the cafe
We arrived at the hotel just after 10am and made our way down towards the spa. Once there we checked in and were told our treatments would be at 11am, this gave us just under an hour to relax before our treatments.

We came mid week so there wasn't very many other people and for most of the day we actually had the whole spa to ourselves. 

picture of a Girl in a mirrorThe swimming pool area has it's own changing room and locker areas, it's also set out in a different room to everything else which definitely makes it more relaxing.

The other room has more to offer including the hydro pool & steam and sauna rooms.

The first 45 minutes or so before our treatments we mostly spent time between the two rooms in the pool and sauna rooms (however I don't find heat rooms overly relaxing so instead enjoyed some time in their Caldarium which was cooler and much more to my liking.

Before we knew it, it was time to go for our massages. I'd never had a massage before and so really wasn't sure what to expect from one however the massage therapist was very calming and reassuring and meant that I was able to really chill out. I did learn from this that I am not  someone who likes alot of pressure being used especially when around my upper back and neck area.

It was definitely a very good experience and would 100% go back again. Felt comfortable throughout and surprisingly the time actually passed very fast! Once the massage was over I was given a cup of water to stay hydrated and advised to relax and chill for the rest of the day.

2 Women holding metal mugs

Around the spa area there were jugs with herbal teas which were regularly filled up throughout the time we were there and helped with keeping us hydrated throughout.
Spa seating area

The next 2 hours after the massage we were free to do whatever we wanted although did have the choice to leave earlier for lunch if we chose to. I spent the majority of this time changing between the swimming pool, hydro pool and the Caldarium with mum also spending time in both the sauna and steam rooms. 

girl in bikini in hottub

waves and spa seatingThe hydro pool was probably one of my favourite parts about the spa, it's essentially a large hot tub with 2 speed settings each providing different levels of relaxation.

After relaxing and making the most of the spa facilities for as long as we could we got dried off, dressed and made our way up to the restaurant.

The way lunch worked was essentially a 3 course meal with buffet style food as the main course. After being sat at a table we both chose our drinks mum had a tea and I chose a latte. Starters were brought over to us and were truly amazing! The food is a little posher than I am used to having however was very much enjoyable!

Once we finished our starters we went up and chose our main dishes, our package we chose meant that we could have either a pastry and salad or a sandwich and salad. I chose a quiche which tasted great and mum chose a pork pie which may possibly be the biggest pork pie I have ever seen.

As for deserts, there wasn't really anything I fancied as I am more of a savory person. That being said I did pick up something from there that I chose to take home with me afterwards. 

2 pictures - hummus and veggies left desert right

2 buffet style lunches

This has definitely been one of the longest posts I've posted in a while so if you've made it to the end then thank you!

Have you ever been to a spa? What was your experience like?

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