Life After Lockdown

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If I'm being honest, I'm not usually the kind of person who makes yearly plans as I just prefer to go with the flow. That being said there is a couple of things that I've decided I want to once Lockdown is over.

 Unlike alot of people I know I am still working, I currently work most evenings in one of my local takeaways so I haven't really experienced lockdown in the way that the majority have (although kinda wished I have more than once).

Go For Lunch
This is probably the thing I am missing most. Me and my mum started a 'tradition' of every Friday going to our favourite local cafe for coffee and cake (tea for mum) and this is definitely something I have missed doing. I also would love to be able to support our local cafes and businesses more where I can.

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Considering everything going on I feel this may come across a bit vain however, as much as I love browsing shops online and seeing whats on offer nothing is better than actually going to shops in person. I'm the kind of person who has to try something on before I even think about buying it so that makes shopping online alot harder.

Go Fruit Picking
This is something that I really wanted to do last year however the weather really wasn't on our side and we never had the chance to go so this year (if we can) I definitely want to make the time to go as a family and maybe make some fruit inspired bakes?
For a while now I've wanted to get back into swimming and to be honest it's something I actually find quite relaxing. I've never been and probably will never be someone who enjoys running or gym workouts so this year I want to find something that works for me.

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Beach Trip
This may come across as a weird one for anyone who knows me and knows my dislike for sand! However considering I have lived within about 10 miles of a beach for most of my life I really don't find I make the time for it quite as much as I probably should.
This one could probably tie in with the last one as funny story... the last time I tried to plan a beach picnic we sat down for enough time to lay the food out and had to pack it all up again and leave as it started raining! 

Spend time with friends - celebrate birthdays
So far in lockdown I have only had 1 friend who has had a birthday (this could change depending how long it goes on for) and not being able to spend time with people I'd normally see at least once or twice a week as been hard. 

As much as I'm the kind of person who enjoys their own space I am also very much missing socializing with people so I think this will definitely be the first thing I do when I am able.

Spend Time With My Sister
Before lockdown happened my sister was traveling around Asia for 4 months so it's been a while since I've spent much time with her. She got back just before lockdown started and we'd had plans to spend the day together whether that was shopping or getting our nails done so this is definitely something I want to do when I am able.

What is one thing you are most looking forward to after lockdown is over?

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