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I know that we are currently relaxing the rules of Lockdown on an almost daily basis and at this point most people are probably bored with Netflix now but I thought I would share some of the shows I've been watching recently just in case anyone is looking for anything good to watch.

Brooklyn 99 (currently 6 seasons)
I'm almost sad to admit I was late to the game with this show and didn't watch it for a good few years after it first came out however for the last few years it has been my all time favourite show to watch. It's such an easy show to get into and that is definitely something I look for in a show.

After Life (2 Seasons)
This series is definitely different to most shows I watch and took a couple episodes to get into. The season itself is very short with only 6 episodes, each being half an hour long. Each episode of the show makes you want to watch more and find out what happens next. 
The show itself reminds me a little of PS I Love You as it centres around the main characters life after the death of his wife.

Since watching this has probably become one of my favourite films and I have definitely watched it more than once! What starts out as an easy watch chilled out film turns into a mystery/thriller type film with multiple twists and turns. The film stars Anna Kendrick as single mum Stephanie who becomes unlikely friends with glamorous mum Emily played by Blake Lively. Emily asks for one favour and then dissapears.

Riverdale (Season 5 due soon)
This series definitely has a Pretty Little Liars vibe to it in the way that it's set out. Similar to Pretty Little Liars the show is centered around a group of teenagers living in the town of Riverdale who seem to be constantly surrounded by dark mysteries. It is for sure a must watch show for anyone who enjoys mystery and drama style shows.

The Hustle (1h33)
After spending a while working out what to watch on Netflix recently I stumbled across this film which I've been meaning to watch for a while and honestly was hooked from the start. The film followed 2 con women who work together to prove who is the better con woman and end up teaming up in order to take down a man who wronged them.

Dead To Me (2 Seasons)
Although this show came out in 2019 I only found out about it at the start of lockdown and was pretty happy when I found out season 2 was being released only a couple of weeks after I'd finished season 1. Most shows usually take me a couple of episodes to really get into however I was hooked on this from the first episode! The show is about 2 women.. one of whom has recently lost her husband in a hit and run and the other who befriends her and tries to help her through the situation... however she has a big secret!

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What have you been watching recently?

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