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easter egg flatlay for the header image

Happy Easter everyone! I know that being in lockdown can make you lose track of time but today is Easter Sunday! 

I've spent the past couple days trying to work out what to post this week as normally alot of us would be out doing something whether that's going to church for Easter Sunday service, going for Easter egg hunts or just going out for lunch. So I've decided to take to do an Easter TAG (Q&A).

I love doing TAGs/Q&As as I love getting to know more about people!

Do you celebrate Easter?
I've never really been a religious person and so in that sense no I don't celebrate Easter for its true meaning, however we do always try to do something.

What was your favourite thing about Easter growing up? 
Growing up we would always go out to different events at various different National Trust gardens near to our area. We would also always plan Easter egg hunts around the house which I definitely enjoyed. My favourite part was either writing the clues or trying to work them out.

throwback photo of me and my sister fake fishing in a pond

an old photo of a table layout at easter with an easter cake and egg decorations
What are your plans for Easter this year?
Lockdown this year has meant that I'm actually alone for Easter this year so my plans are just chilling out and maybe doing some baking.

Favourite Easter Treat?
My favourite treat is probably mini eggs or chocolate nests.

Do you have any Easter traditions?
Normally every Easter we go out for lunch and have a roast and then spend the rest of the day chilling at home eating Easter eggs
a black and white image of an easter roast dinner
an old image of an easter cake we once made

Thank you for reading.. 
How are you staying sane this Easter?

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