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 If you follow me on Instagram, you will probably know that about a month ago me and my mum spent a few days at Butlins resort in Minehead.

It's taken a while to put this blog post together as I took SO many photos during the days we were there and it's taken longer than I anticipated to edit them but I'm.

Tuesday 10th September
Tuesday was the first offical day of the holiday. The first plan of the day was a visit to the local supermarket (there's quite a variety to chose from). As with most holidays I've been on, we chose to go self catering, this was not only a cheaper option but also meant that we could have meals whenever we wanted and chose whatever we wanted to eat.

 After a quick Tesco trip and a very needed cup of tea we decided to take a short walk alongside the sea front into Minehead town. We first came across Minehead Harbour and RNLI Lifeboat station which has been in operation for over 100 years!

After some exloring, we came across a Blenheim Gardens nestled in a more quieter part of the town. Beautiful flowers and somewhere to sit and watch the world go by (or play some 18-hole golf if thats more your thing!)

After spending some time taking many photos in the garden and just generally chilling out we made our way into the town where we found many sweet shops, tourist shops, pubs and coffee shops! After a good while of exploring and shopping we decided to make our way back to the site. On the way back we both decided to get some ice cream to eat on the pier! I chose Banoffee Pie and mum chose Blackcurrant & Cream!

Wednesday 11th September
Wednesday was supposed to be the worst weather of the 3 days we were away so we decided that today would be the day we would stay on site and check out what there was to do around the park.

After a somewhat chilled out morning we made our way to the 'Splash Waterworld' swimming area. After banging my head on the locker below as I was closing ours we both made our way into the pool. The pool is made up of a designated childrens pool, a larger pool and a seperate pool that leads into a 'lazy river'. There are also a couple of slides and flumes for anyone feeling adventurous!

After around an hour swimming we both we feeling pretty hungry! So after drying off we made our way back to our apartment for showers and a picnic lunch! (The best kinda lunch if you ask me!)

 After a couple hours of chilling and various cups of tea, we decided to venture out to play a game of Adventure Golf! With an apparent pirate theme, the 10 hole adventure golf was definetly an exciting and very competetitive way to spend the afternoon! (Mum won which to be honest I am still a little bit salty about haha!)

A little while later after walking round the fair for a bit playing a couple of games we came across a little room filled with illusions! Everything from stretchy mirrors and skinny mirrors to levitation tables and floating heads! We also decided to play a game of 10 pin bowling in the arcade.
Thursday 12th September

Today we decided to pay a visit to Dunster Castle & Mill! Normally castles aren't my thing as I prefer to be able to actually see something to visualise how it was used and sadly so many castles are now ruins and I find it hard to get interested about them.

Luckily for me, this castle was very much still standing and was full of so much history! Although up an incredibly steep hill it was definetly worth the walk! 

After a couple of hours walking round the castle taking everything in we decided to make our way down towards the gardens and Water Mill stopping for a quick lunch break first.

 We ended the day by going to the fair and enjoying some of the fairground rides. As it was the final night we had decided to go out to one of the restaurants on the site! We chose the Firehouse Grill which is kinda similar to what you'd expect if you went to a Nandos. Both meals were very good and after deciding not to stay for desert we went back to the apartment for chocolate and The Great British Bake Off! which is something we very much got into whilst away!

Friday 13th September
Sadly today was the day to go home! After having packed all our cases the night before I made my way over to the car park half hour before check out to grab one of these trollies! As the car park is a good 5-10 minutes away it made carrying luggage back so much easier! 
We then made our way to the arcades and prize area to claim our prize from all the tickets we had collected throughout the week and I picked up a glass pineapple tumbler which sadly cracked whist cleaning a few days after getting home!

We had decided that instead of rushing home via motorways we would make the most of the day and visit Exmoor Zoo! This was something I was particularly excited about as zoos and aquariums are probably my favourite places to go! Little did we both know the route there would be mostly country roads and farm tracks with very little signal for map direction! Luckily somehow we made it there in one piece and after paying around £30 entrance for both of us we were given a map to follow around the park (I will say its probably one of the biggest zoos I have ever been to! Absolutely loved going round seeing all the animals! Ranging from Tortoises and Meerkats to Kangaroos and Panthers!

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