Gossip Girl Thoughts

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If you saw my Netflix Favourites post a few weeks ago you will know that I had just finished watching Gossip Girl and to be honest I am quite sad I've finished it. So in order to make the hype of it last longer today's blog post is going to be about some of the thoughts I had during the course of the show.

If you haven't seen any of Gossip Girl and are wanting to please beware that there are going to be some MAJOR spoilers included within this post!

Blair & Chuck's Love
As much as I loved how everything turned out for Blair and Chuck in the end, I can't help but think that their relationship and their apparent 'hold' over each other was a seemingly obsessive one and I wasn't a major fan of them being together for most of the show. Given the choice between him and Louis however I am 100% happy with how their family situation ended.

Serena & Drugs
 I can't help but feel like they dragged out the whole 'Serena on drugs' idea. She originally left the Upper East Side because of an incident relating to drugs, she ended up in hospital a few seasons later because of something drug related again. Then in Season 6 she is seen on a bus, passed out because of a drug issue again.
I understand that sometimes when someone is in that world once they often return to it in times of hardship but when she is supposedly portrayed as this 'perfect' Upper East Sider that everything great just happens to by everyone close to her. The whole drug idea just didn't seem to fit with this image. Maybe that was the idea? I'm not sure I just wasn't a fan as it felt repeated.

 Jenny was essentially the sweet innocent sister of Dan for the first season or so, this quickly changed when she entered the world of the Upper East Side and really found a love for not just Fashion but also power. She craved the feeling of being liked and adored. The further into the show we got it seemed more like we'd lost Jenny and had actually been given Taylor (the actress who played her). I felt like this style change was a bit odd considering how into Fashion she was and how Gothic this change felt. I do however feel the change to a  darker style also represented her change to a more darker personality. This rang even more true to me when she was part of the group that led to Serena being in hospital.

Bart Bass 
What was with the whole 'faking death' thing I still don't honestly see the relevance to the story line.. Lilly and Rufus's marriage was clearly coming to an end but did they really need Bart to be the end of it? I still don't know how I feel about that.

Who is Gossip Girl?
DAN HUMPHREY IS NOT GOSSIP GIRL! I'm sorry but that just doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever! He's posting about things he has no way of knowing (yes GG has her spies but not MI5 level!) And everyone happily forgives him after 10 seconds of knowing even though Gossip Girl supposedly ruined everyone's lives at the time. 

I was inpatient and decided to find out during the 1st/2nd season and knowing her identity literally made no difference to the show at all in my opinion just because the revelation made zero sense. WHY WAS IT NOT DOROTA!?

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