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I've been posting quite a few of these 'favourite' style posts and I'm actually really enjoying writing them! So I thought I'd share an updated version of what's currently on my iPhone.

 At the end of September, my contract with my old phone company ended and anyone who knows me will know that I honestly didn't even know if my phone would last that long! It was in a very bad way! These two events lead to me starting a new contract with a new phone so as of right now I am a proud owner of an iPhone 7 plus and honestly I don't know how I ever lived with a smaller phone!

If you're interested you can check out my previous 'What's on my iPhone' posts here.

Instagram - wunderlust95
I've recently been really getting into Instagram and I'm loving posting images ranging from what I've been up to to new blog post photos and of course the odd selfie. I really enjoyed creating a new theme for Autumn and editing photos to suit the Autumnal theme I had chosen.

This app is quite a recent favourite of mine. Before I purchased my current phone I will admit I spent quite a lot of time watching 'What's on my iPhone' videos on YouTube. This was party to get an idea of how the phone worked and people's opinions on it but also to find some new app inspiration as I always find myself on the same apps. Among the apps talked about was this one, the app allows you to plan out your Instagram feed as you would if you were posting the photos directly, this is very useful when it comes to creating an Instagram theme.

Best Fiends 
In my 'What's on my iPhone' post I wrote about how I was loving this game and even though it has been almost a year since the last post was written my feelings about this game still haven't changed. If you haven't heard of the game, the aim is to match up icons of the same colour in order to add up points which help to defeat the slugs and complete other requirements.

 The last app I have been loving recently is Wunderlist, this app is basically a to-do-list app, however, I have been using it as a way of planning out any blog post ideas I want to write about and checking them off using the checklist feature once I have written them/taken the photographs for them. Although I am not necessarily sticking to a blogging schedule (more on that soon) I do have certain dates that I want some posts to be written by, for example, Halloween posts probably shouldn't be going up in December/January so this app has been great for helping me to organise my blogging life.

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