Autumn Essentials

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Today's post is another Autumn inspired post and it's all about my Autumn essentials and everything I will be using/wearing this Autumn.

 Now were getting into the colder months it's important to stay warm so my 2 main essentials for keeping warm are jumpers or hoodies (I would honestly live in hoodies if I could!) and scarfs! I've built up a good collection of scarves over the past few years that I absolutely love but my all time favourites are my New Look scarf I purchased a few years ago (you may have seen it in a few of my previous Instagram photos!) and a grey H&M scarf that I included in my End Of Summer Haul.

Another Autumn fashion essential is ankle boots, my favourite pair have been worn pretty much to death and although I can't currently remember where I bought them from I know that they have lasted almost a year which for me is very important when it comes to purchasing shoes! I also have a dark red pair which I bought from Primark in Spain last year which I absolutely love wearing during the Autumn and Winter months as the colour goes well with most items I own.

 As you will know if you read my last post about the new Autumn fall Collection from Yankee Candle candles are definitely one of my top favourite things so of course they were going to be included in this post. I have recently been burning the Spiced Orange votive that I mentioned in the post and I have been absolutely loving it! Every time I leave the room and come back the whole room smells of oranges and it is the most refreshing yet Autumnal scent I've smelt recently.

In terms of beauty essentials I always reach for in the Autumn months, I am always more drawn to orange & darker shades, this relates both to eye shadows and lip colours (although I don't tend to wear lip products very often as I don't feel the need to). I will be writing a more in depth post about my current Autumn everyday makeup soon so keep your eyes open for that post soon!

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