Current Netflix Faves

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I last shared my Netflix favourites with you over a year ago (you can check out that post here) so I thought it was time I shared my current favourites with you as ALOT has changed since then.

Gossip Girl (6 Seasons)
 Gossip Girl was my guilty pleasure up until a few weeks ago when I finally finished the show. I made the mistake of searching to find out who Gossip Girl was early on around season 1/2 cause I'm such an impatient person and although I'm not going to spoil anything for anyone here... I am planning a post all about my thoughts and feelings regarding everything GG.

The IT Crowd (5 Series)
Although I have recently finished watching this (can we just talk about how short the episodes/series were?!) it has definitely been one of my favourites to watch.The show is based on 3 characters who work in the IT department and their day to day work life.

Spy (1h59)
 Ever since I first watched this a few months ago it has easily become one of my favourite movies, of course, the fact that it stars Melissa McCarthy probably meant that even if the movie wasn't that great it would have still been included on my favourites list. She plays a CIA Analyst who is thrown into active duty despite experience after her partner is killed.

 Lockup & Under Arrest
I have also enjoyed watching a few prison documentaries including the various different Lockup series's which are filmed inside different prisons and jails around America and also Under Arrest which is a 6 series documentary style show which films various arrests around Canada.

 Shaddow Hunters
After finishing Gossip Girl, I was stuck for something to watch next so after a large amount of scrolling and deliberating, I chose to start watching Shaddow Hunters, so far I am just starting episode 3 of season 1 but I am really enjoying the show so far. The main plot of the show is a girl discovering the world of demon hunting after her mothers disapearance, a world which was kept secret from her for her childhood years.

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