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A few weeks ago I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by Esther from Things I Hear so thank you very much! You should definitely check out her blog!

Wunderlustblog was originally created in late 2014 where it consisted of mainly photo posts where I could share my love of photography. Almost a year later in June 2015 I decided to take a year out of education and it was then that I wrote my first ever post which can still be found here.

 If I could give any advice to someone who is thinking of starting a blog it would be - 

 Be consistent
 The biggest piece of advice I would give anyone would be to try and be as consistent as you can, I will be the first to admit I'm not the most consistent blogger ever and believe me it sometimes shows

The next most important piece of advice I would give is to engage with your audience, whether that's on Twitter, Instagram or through your blog directly.

 My Nominations
 Normally idea is to tag 15 blogs and I want to tag blogs who aren't necessarily  considered larger blogs but that I feel 100% deserve ALOT more recognition!

All too often with these posts I always feel like a lot of blogs get tagged and people just ignore the TAG completely or people feel there's too many blogs to go through so I wanted to kinda change the rules a bit (not sure if this is allowed but it's definetly worth a try) So I've decided to tag the top 4 bloggers that in my opinion don't get half the recognition they deserve for the effort they constantly put into their blogs.

Tay - Taylor is a fairly new blogger in terms of the blogging world, having been only blogging since the end of 2015 however I love literally love every one of her posts! She posts about everything from beauty to lifestyle to mental health and you should definitely check out her blog! Seriously you won't regret it!
Rosie - absolutely love Rosie, her posts are always so amazingly written! (mostly mental health related but so so incredibly important!) Did I mention how much I love love her posts? No? Well maybe I should say it again?

Kathleen - Kathleen has been blogging since 2014 and the main thing I want to say is that I absolutely love her blog header! I have been absolutely loving her #MUSICMONDAY posts as they remind me of songs I used to love!

Lauren - I know this about blogging and trust me I'll get there, but if you're not following Lauren's Instagram then I'm sorry but where have you been? Lauren has been blogging since 2014 and although I've only recently found her blog and each one of her posts is so well thought out and her photography is actually incredible! I'm actually getting kinda jealous just thinking about it so I'm gonna stop! Just check out her blog is all I'm going to say!

If you've made it this far then well done to you!

To those who I've nominated it's now over to you! (If you wish to participate that is!)

The rules are as follows - 

- Write a post showing that you've accepted the award and thank the blogger who nominated you providing a link to their blog
- give a brief story on how your blog started
- give 2 pieces of advice to new bloggers
- choose some other bloggers who you feel deserve more recognition and you want to give this award to
- comment or message each blogger to let them know you have nominated them and provide a link to the post created

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