Yankee Candle 'Fall In Love' and more!

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If you've been following my blog for a while you will probably know that I am a massive fan of Yankee Candle and burning candles in general. I posted about my Winter Yankee Candle collection in early 2016.
A few weeks ago I posted on Twitter about ordering some new Autumn themed candles from Yankee Candle and today I wanted to share the new 'Fall In Love' range with you (sadly I was unable to get the Autumn Glow candle as it was out of stock at the time of ordering however I did pick up a few other candles that weren't part of the new range but still seemed Autumn related.)
'Fall In Love' Range
The 'Fall In Love' range consits of 5 different candle scents, 1 of these is a US exclusive scent only. The scents available are:
Autumn Glow
As I mentioned before I was sadly unable to get this candle as it was out of stock when I ordered the rest of the candles and is STILL currently out of stock as I'm editing this post (5th October).
Vibrant Saffron
This candle almost reminds me of something you'd burn around Christmas because of the Saffron. I do however also feel its a great scent for burning in Autumn as it creates that cozy feeling.
Mulberry & Fig Delight
This is my favourite scent from the range, it has a very fresh, fruity scent, that honestly just smells amazing!
Warm Cashmere
This is the last scent in the UK range and everytime I smell this it just makes me want to bake something! I wouldn't say that I'm a massive fan of this scent though as it is a stronger scent than the others.
Bourbon Wood Barrels & Warm Autumn Evening
For anyone living in the US, these are the US exclusive Limited Edition candles, which due to living in the UK I was sadly unable to purchase so I can't write about what I thought of them.

Other Autumn Related Candles
As I mentioned above, whilst I was ordering the candles from the Autumn range I also ordered three extra candles from their classic collection which you can get all year round. These were:

Fireside Treats 
I bought this candle as it kind of made me think of Autumn nights sat around a fire chatting and roasting marshmallows. The scent is quite fresh with a hint of something sweet, you can definitely smell the marshmallows! So this could also be a great candle for burning during the Winter.
Autumn Night
In my opinion this scent is quite a manly one, reminds me very much of the Muscle Soak bubble bath from Radox.
Spiced Orange

This one smells exactly like you'd expect it to, like a very strong smelling orange. Definitely a great scent for Autumn any maybe even Christmas.

What's your current favourite scent this Autumn?

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