End of Summer Haul

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 A few weeks ago I went on a bit of an 'End of Summer' shopping spree and I wanted to take this time to share with you what I bought!

One of the first purchases I made was in the perfume shop, I have loved this perfume ever since I received a sample of it a few years ago and ever since I have been repurchasing it whenever I have the chance. Every time I buy a different perfume I always end up going back to this one and this time I decided to buy the 50ml bottle as it was on offer (and cheaper than the 30ml!)
I also went to Superdrug to repurchase a few beauty items and also buy a few new items I have been wanting to try. I picked up a few items from Revolution including their blush palette which comes with 8 different blush colours. I love the quality and affordability of their products. so I always make sure to check out their range whenever I'm in Superdrug.

The first shop I went to was, of course, Primark, I always end up leaving the store with the biggest bag they have and this time was no different! One of my favourite items I bought from there was a pair of sunglasses, this was probably a crazy idea as we are getting less and less sun as we move into Autumn. I also picked up a pair of dark wash jeans as I love how affordable they are and I realised the other day I no longer had any dark wash jeans as they were all ripped!

I also went into H&M and New Look and repurchased a scarf that I had bought from the H&M store in Westfield (London) but had somehow come home without when I wore it New Year's Eve last year and it's taken me this long to find it again! I also picked up a few t-shirts and tank tops as they are easily wearable and are reasonably cheap.

This is probably my favourite part of any haul as it can be quite random but can also be good at showing a person's personality. One of my favourite items I picked up was a scented candle from the Primark homeware section. If you saw my post I wrote at the beginning of last year about the Winter Yankee Candle range you will probably know how much I love candles so I always end up buying at least one every time I go somewhere.

I also picked up a couple of jewellery pieces from a few different shops. My favourites are a gold chained necklace (not sure on the shop for this one) and a few new Pandora style charms for my bracelet.

I know this was a fairly long post compared to most of the other posts on my blog so if you got this far well done.. and let me know what do you enjoy most about shopping?

 If you were interested in any of the items mentioned above I have provided links to the few that I can find below.

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