Life Update & Taking An Unplanned Break

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These past few weeks have been crazy! I was looking back on recent posts on here and realised that its been almost 4 months since I actually posted anything which is crazy and I think its been the longest amount of time I've ever not posted anything for.

I never actually planned to take a break from blogging however after doing so I realised I needed to, I felt like I wasn't putting my all into every post and I'd kinda lost my love for blogging and why I started in the first place.

After ending up with no phone about a month ago I also ended up taking a short break from Social Media which was ALOT harder than I ever thought it would be however during that time I found myself spending time doing other more active things and not having to worry about posting anything or sharing what I was doing.

After a long time thinking about where I want to go with Wunderlust and the kind of posts I want to post I am finally back! So this is where I want to share with you the most exciting parts of what I've been up to whilst I've been away!

RCS June 8-10
Anyone who's been following me for a while will know that I always post about the annual Royal Cornwall Show (2015 & 2016) and this year is of course no different! As with last year due to work commitments I was only able to go the 1 day (which ended up being the worst weather of all 3 days but that doesn't matter too much).

Changing Jobs
After a long amount of consideration I finally left my old job almost 2 weeks ago, I had spent just less than 3 years working there and I felt it was definitely time for a change! I've only been working in my new job just over 3 weeks but it's definitely a different environment to work in and its a welcoming change!

Looking to the future
Wunderlust has and always will be my own space on the internet and I have a lot of love for it and I want to keep that love moving forward. As I said in my previous post 5 Things Ive Learned From Blogging time away is important and it gives you time to reflect on everything and thats just what I've been able to do! As for when I'm going to be posting I honestly haven't decided on a schedule or anything like that at the moment, I just want to enjoy posting when and if I feel like it.

If you got this far.. well done to you and let me know in the comments.. What's the one thing you're most proud of??

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