5 Things I've Learned From Blogging

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Although I first created my blog in August 2014, it wasn't until nearly a year later in July 2015 that I properly started blogging part-time. Since then I've learned quite a lot, not only about blogging in general but also about myself and it's this information I wanted to share with you today.

lessons learned from blogging

Blogging and working part time is hard work!
I honestly don't think I'll ever find that there are enough hours in the day to fit in everything I want to do. So many times after coming home late afternoon the last thing I want to be doing is writing a blog post even though I know that I'll regret it later if I don't have anything to post that week. It's because of this that no matter how much planning ahead I could do I will probably never be someone who posts a new blog post every day. (apart from Blogmas.. but so far that's never ended well for me so who knows).

Hitting publish on a post may never not be terrifying
There are over 70 posts on my blog currently and the act of pressing publish still scares me to this day. Constant thoughts of 'Will anyone actually read this?' and 'Should I have written that?'. Anyone who knows me well will probably know that I overthink pretty much everything I do and blogging I can honestly say it's no different with blogging. I will say however is that post that you're most scared to post? Post it! Some may ignore it, some may hate it but there's always going to be a chance that someone will relate to it, and those people will become the readers that are most loyal to you.

Be Yourself
I can honestly say that this is the most important piece of advice that anyone could ever give you. ALWAYS be yourself, don't spend time posting about something just because it's popular if it's not what you want to write about. It's your own space to truly be yourself so do just that.

Time away is important
Just like any other job or hobby, time away is just as necessary and can help you to reflect on where it is you want to end up. So many times during the Summer and around Christmas when I was busiest with work I found myself staying up until the early hours to write a post that I wasn't fully into just to be able to post something. I decided after some consideration to take a short break from blogging so that I could really focus all of my energy into working out what I wanted from my blog and the kind of content I wanted to create. I normally find myself stepping back and taking time away during the busiest periods at work just to allow myself some down time.

It's one of the best things I've done
I've put so much time and effort into creating and upkeeping my blog and it's such a rewarding feeling to be able to look back at everything I've accomplished in the last year and a bit and just feel proud to call this my little space on the internet.

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