Pancake Day 2017

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As I'm sure most of you will probably know by now, today is Pancake Day! So in honour of this amazing day, devoted to basically eating desert! (And what's better than that?) I wanted to share with you an easy foolproof pancake recipe and how I will be enjoying it tonight!

What you need
1 cup of flour
1 cup semi-skimmed milk
1 egg
1/4tsp vanilla extract
Butter/oil for greasing the pan

What to do...
Mix the milk together with the egg and the vanilla extract into a jug (using a jug vs a bowl makes it easier to control when you're pouring the mixture out later)

Slowly whisk in the flour making sure the mixture is smooth

 Heat up a small sized frying pan and add in the butter/oil to ensure the pancake doesn't stick (make sure to pour out any excess oil afterwards)

 Pour an even amount of pancake mix into the pan, making sure the mix is spread evenly throughout the pan

Cook for a few minutes (or until the pancake moves around freely) and flip, cook the other side for a minute or two and set aside to repeat the process with the remainder of your batter (pancakes can be kept warm in a low heated oven if needed)

 Add toppings as required and enjoy!

 What's your favourite pancake topping? 

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