Introduction to Blogmas 2016!

By 17:00

This year I've decided to do something slightly different to last year.

The holiday season is one of the busiest (apart from Summer that is..) so this often means longer hours at work. I Learned last year that no matter how much I want to do something Blog related my job will ALWAYS have to come first.

This meant that my blog sadly ended up suffering and although I made it to day 14, I ended up taking a week off to catch up, I then tried to carry on but that lasted 1 day before I was playing catch up again.

So today I am introducing you to the first day of '12 Days of Blogmas'!

I plan to daily blog the next 11 days in the lead up to Christmas and in an attempt to be more planned this year and not have to take days out, I am currently writing this post on 14th November in my pyjamas whilst listening to Christmas music!

If you got to the end of this post, treat yourself with something overly festive and get ready for the next 11 days of festive blogness!

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