Instagram Round Up!

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Instagram Roundup

This month I decided to focus more time and effort into my Instagram account as I often feel it gets left by the side. As anyone who follows me will probably know the whole posting more often didn't really go well..

I thought I would share with you some of my posts from the past month and provide some more explanation to them! You can check out some of my older (and more recent) Instagram posts here
quote and selfie

- This quote is from the song 'Snake Eyes' by Mumford & Sons. It's always been one of my favourite songs from them and I love how true these words are! I really believe that a persons eyes can show you so much about them!

- This selfie was taken at my work Christmas party last year, also in the photo is a good friend of mine who moved to Uni this year. The crazy thing is a few hours after I had posted this I ended up bumping into her at a firework display in my home town as she was back for the weekend! Crazy or what?! 

hot chocolate and quote

- I'd recently found out about how Costa were selling a Lindt Hot chocolate as part of their festive menu so of course being a chocolate lover & a lover of all things Costa I had to check it out! However as lovely as this hot chocolate was I think the woman I ordered it from misheard me as I ended up with their regular hot chocolate (and a large cup of it!) so I will definitely be making a trip back soon!

This quote is another one that is important to me! Always follow your heart and as the quote says if you don't feel like you belong in someone's life anymore its okay to walk out! Always do what is best for you and your situation!

fireworks and chrismtas

This photo was taken at the start of the night on Saturday just before a fireworks display! It was a great night and admittedly I probably had a few too many to drink afterwards! But you have to enjoy yourself sometimes don't you!

I have ALOT of love for this photo and how something as simple as a photo can bring up a million thoughts and emotions. The photo wasn't posed for nor was it staged, it was real life and it was a moment being captured in time. 

snapchat, coffee and screensaver

- I don't really have much of an explanation for this photo to be honest.. just an average night!

-  Just you're average cup of coffee, not the first one I've posted and definitely won't be the last

- This was a post to show some appreciation to the people I mentioned in my last Instagram favourites

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