Birmingham Trip

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Last week me and my family spent the weekend in Birmingham! Not as exciting as Spain I know! but it was definitely still exciting to explore a new place.

For anyone wondering... why Birmingham? Well the main reason was for a family wedding celebration.

So the weekend started early on Saturday morning and involved almost 6 hours of train journeys. If anyone has read the book in the photos below please let me know what you thought of it!

train journey

After a long day of travelling we finally arrived in Cannock. (about 30 mins from Birmingham by train) It was here that the event was taking place.

So now we had got the travelling over and done with it was time for the fun part!

getting ready

The venue was part of the hotel we were staying at so this meant that we didn't have to travel far! This meant that we had more time to get ready cause let's be honest, who spends all day travelling and gets to their destination looking their best? I definitely don't!

table decoration
The venue looked amazing with confetti and glitter covering every table and a beautiful candle centerpiece. Also lets not forget the red and white Helium balloons!

I'm not going to go into just how many drinks were consumed during the evening but I will say that the effects were definitely felt the next morning!

Something that made the night extra special was the use of a photo booth! Some of our photos can be seen below!

family photosphotobooth

On the Sunday morning after saying our goodbyes to various family members as we all parted ways we took a train back to Birmingham. As we had traveled such a long way we decided to extend the trip and stay in Birmingham for a few days. The next few days consisted mainly of shopping (and lots of it!) and eating!


Sadly as every trip eventually does the time came for us to leave Birmingham and travel back home. Little did we know it but this journey was to be very stressful from start to finish! After arriving at the station early morning we quickly noticed that the train before ours was delayed by almost 40 minutes! As time went on our train also appeared delayed. (We later found out this was due to a signalling problem combined with a theft.) 

However this wasn't the only issue, as we sat waiting we overheard multiple announcements regarding our train. It's at this point I'd like to mention that we were constantly checking the National Rail website for updates! We were told that our train had been cancelled and was to terminate at Birmingham! However a replacement train would carry out the rest of the journey, the only problem was, instead of leaving at the delayed time we were expecting it would be leaving in the next few minutes! This meant that we were having to rush down escalators in order to actually make it onto the train!

After researching further we did find out that the cause of the cancellation was due to an incident occurring much earlier.

After over 6 hours and multiple trains we finally arrived home!

I can honestly say that I'm not looking forward to the next train journey I take, 
however I do hope it is ALOT less stressful than the last one! 

journey home

I hope you enjoyed this blog post!
 I know this was a long one so well done if you made it to the end!

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