How I Edit My Instagram Photos

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After many months of starting themes and hating them about a month after and then constantly being jealous of how AMAZING other peoples themes seemed to look I've finally found a theme I love and that's not too hard to keep up with! (cause that's definitely an important factor)

So in this post I want to share with you how I edit my instagram photos so they fit with the new theme.

As with many people the App I use to edit any photo is VSCOCam, this app provides a wide range of customisations for free as well as a few paid filter customisations and is completely free to download.

VSCO A6+12

After I've chosen the photo I want to post, I open up the image in VSCO and choose a filter, for the theme I'm currently using I use the A6 filter. Depending on the original colour of the photo I will adjust the slider accordingly, most photos I will use A6+12

exposure -1 or -2

The next step is to lower the exposure(usually around -1 or -2) as my theme is slightly cool toned this helps to darken the photo

contrast -3

I then adjust the contrast to around -3, this helps to give the photo a faded cool look

saturation +1

I then like to add some colour back into the photo buy increasing the saturation to +1

fade +6

The final step is to make the photo look more faded by increasing the amount of fade to +6

before & after

Here you can see the before and after of the photo. Once I'm happy with the photo I will save it to my camera roll and upload it to my backup instagram which only I currently follow, yes this can be very time consuming but it allows me to see all of my instagram photos together as Instagram normally shows them without having to upload and reupload photos constantly which can be very annoying.

How easy was that? I've found that this theme can be applied to a wide range of photos unlike my previous theme which although looked good was virtually impossible to recreate any time I wanted to upload a photo!

I hope you enjoyed this post! You can follow my Instagram here to see more photos

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