Top 5 Netflix Picks

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Orange Is The New Black
Of course OITNB is the first on this list haha! The new season recently aired and of course I binge watched all 13 episodes in less than 3 days! The show is based around a woman who is sentenced to 15 months for a crime she committed in her teens and all the goings on that occur during those 15 months when she is imprisoned in an all girls prison.

How I Met Your Mother
How I Met Your Mother is definitely a show that's easy to binge watch and with over 200 episodes it can keep you going for a while! 

The show revolves around the main character Ted having a conversation with his kids via a series of flashbacks the moments that led to him meeting their mother and the many entertaining moments they enjoyed along the way.

Hugh Laurie plays an antisocial doctor who runs a diagnostic department and will do anything and everything he can in order to diagnose and treat a patient.

This was one of the first shows I watched on Netflix and I was hooked from the first episode! It's honestly one of those shows I could watch over and over again (despite having over 170 episodes!)

Bad Education
After finishing the most recent show I was watching the next show on the list was Bad Education starring comedian Jack Whitehall as a teacher of a secondary school who acts more like a pupil than a teacher! With only 3 seasons this show is an easy to watch show for all to enjoy.

Outnumbered was the first show I watched on Netflix and is definitely a perfect show to watch with your family. It's a comedy based around a couple (Hugh Dennis & Claire Skinner) bringing up their 3 children.

It's a very lighthearted show and with 5 seasons can keep you going for a while, whether its a show you decide to binge watch or one you go and come back to

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