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TMI Tag!

Since I haven't done a Tag in a while (my most recent one was the Sweater Weather TAG) I thought I would do the TMI TAG! I've seen quite a few people doing this TAG recently whether it's been on YouTube or Blog Posts and have loved watching/reading them as it's a good way of getting to know someone a bit more.

What Are You wearing?
As I'm currently writing this at 4am, I'm wearing Pyjamas

Ever Been In Love?
Honestly I don't think so

Ever Had A Terrible Break Up?
Kinda.. It was alright at the time but it turned bad soon after

How Tall Are You?
5ft 4?

Any Tattoos?

Any Piercings?
Just my ears

SWARKLES!! (Robin & Barney - How I Met Your Mother) 
JISBON (Jane & Lisbon - The Mentalist)
ZAX (Zoe & Max - Casualty)

Favourite Show
How I Met Your Mother
How I Met Your Mother

Favourite Bands
Mumford & Sons
Josh Abbott Band

Something You Miss
Summer or at least slightly better weather

Favourite Song
I have so many but my current favourite is probably Till It Happens To You - Lady Gaga

How Old Are You?

Zodiac Sign

Quality You Look For In A Partner
Someone who can make me laugh

Favourite Quote
'Maybe it's not about the happy ending, maybe it's about the story'

Favourite Actor
Probably Gerard Butler! I mean come on.. have you see PS I Love You! haha

Favourite Colour

Loud Music or Soft?
Depends on how I'm feeling, I love both!

Where Do You Go When You're Sad?
My bed or on a walk by the river

How Long Does It Take You To Shower?
15-20 minutes

How Long Does It Take You To Get Ready In The Morning?
About half an hour

Ever Been In A Physical Fight?
Yep haha..

Turn On?
Caring, Funny

Turn Of?

Reason I Started Blogging
guess to gain confidence and as a way of savoring memories, kinda like a personal diary

Spiders and crowded places

Last Thing That Made You Cry
It was something that is very personal to me

Last Time You Said You Loved Someone
Last night when I was talking to my best friend <3

Meaning Behind Your Blog Name
wanderlust - strong desire to travel

I've always wanted to travel and so the name kinda came from that and I just changed the spelling a bit

Last Book You Read
I haven't read in a long time.. oops so probably either The Fault In Our Stars by John Green or Divergent by Veronica Roth

Book Your Currently Reading
I'm not..

Last Show You Watched
I had a mini Casualty catch up earlier today

Last Person You Talked To
My sister

The Relationship Between You And The Last Person You Texted
Last person I texted was my sister, last person I messaged was my best friend

Favourite Food
Chinese food

Place You Want To Visit
Italy or New York

Last Place You Were

Do You Have A Crush?
Maybe... ;)

Last Time You Kissed Someone
A couple weekends ago ;)

Last Time You Were Insulted
Probably Last Night

Favourite Flavour Of Sweet

What Instruments Do You Play?
Flute and Piano (kinda) 

Favourite Piece Of Jewellery
A hope bracelet my best friend bought 
Hope Bracelet
Last Sport You Played
ahahahaha.. yeah I don't remember

Last Song You Sang
Snake Eyes - Mumford & Sons

Favourite Chat Up Line? Ever Used It?
either... 'If you were a vegetable you'd be a cute-cumber' or 'Are you a fruit, because Honeydew you know how fine you look right now?'

Last Time You Hung Out With Anyone
Earlier today I met someone at their house to give them something 

Let me know what your current favourite TV Show is!

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