What's On My Iphone!

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What's On My Iphone!

I've seen alot of these kinds of posts and videos around and have always loved reading/watching them! I find that it's always interesting to find out their favourites apps and what they'd recommend. I always find that I end up downloading tons of apps to use and test out!

So today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite apps to use

I currently have a 16gb iphone 6s and yes it is in the Rose Gold! (What can I say? I'm a sucker for anything rose gold!)


VSCO is the app I use to edit my photos, whether that's Instagram photos or blog post photos. I used to use apps such as Aviary but I found that VSCO was easier to use and offered more filters & customisations.

If you're ever stuck for ideas for something, whether you're feeling creative or just looking for inspiration I would definitely recommend Pinterest!

This app is amazing! If you've ever had one of those 'I'm sure I know him from somewhere' moments whilst watching a film then you need this app in your life! Within seconds you can search for a film or celebrity to find out more information about what they've been in which makes answering the question "where is he from?" soo much easier!

Who doesn't love Netflix? I know my phones has a much smaller screen than my laptop but its alot more portable

Boots & Costa
Both of these apps are based around loyalty cards, the Boots app allows you to add offers to your card that are tailored to you and what you regularly purchase and the Costa app is similar to the starbucks app in that it allows you to track the amount of points on your card

I always find its useful to have an app for your phone contract so you can keep track of your usage

This app is a quiz app which has a ton of different quizzes including; Logo Quiz, Harry Potter Movies quiz and High School Chemistry. There is definitely a topic for everyone!

You may have heard of this app if you listen to music using Spotify. If I'm honest I prefer this app to Shazam as it not only identifies the song but also plays the lyrics along at the same time

I love Instagram as its a way of keeping up to date with peoples lives

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