What's in my bag? Winter Edition!

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What's In My Bag

I always love reading these types of posts and watching people's 'What's in my bag?' videos, and what better way to get to know someone than finding out what they carry around with them!

The bag I'm currently using is a small black shoulder bag from New Look with gold chains and detailing. I love this bag as it doesn't fit very much in it so it always has to be organised.

Rimmel LipstickRimmel Lipstick: 077
I recently bought this lipstick as I didn't have many nude shades and am currently loving it!


This was one of those 'Oh I definitely need that' Boxing Day purchases! I wanted a purse which didn't have much space for coins as I'm definitely a coin hoarder! So this one was perfect!

Chewing Gum
I always carry chewing gum in my bag and my current favourite is Wriggly's extra ice gum in Peppermint

KeysMini Dolce
After discovering this perfume last year it is one of my all time favourites so having a smaller size bottle makes it easier to carry around

Hand Care
The cold weather in the winter often dries out your hands so I like to carry around a hand cream with me to keep them moisturized. 

Painkillers & Various Medication
Painkillers are always a useful thing to carry around with you as you never know when you're going to need them. I also carry allergy medication and medication to help with my anxiety (who knows if it actually works or not but I like to think that it does)

Breath spray and gum
For the first year ever I decided to buy a personalised planner this year and so far I'm loving it! The planner was from a company called Personal Planner and was completely customisable so that I was able to create it to fit my personal needs. However as my bag is only small I don't always carry it around with me
Soap & Glory

I don't like to leave the house without my keys!

Headphones & Phone
I can't leave the house without my phone! I honestly don't think it's possible! These are probably the 4th pair of headphones I've bought in the 4/5 months I've had my phone! I think my bag/house is just a black hole for headphones!

Hope you enjoyed this post! I'd love to see what you keep in your bags! Let me know what the most important things you keep in your bag are!

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