DAYS 15 - 21! - Week Catch Up!

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I think it's safe to say I've missed a few days of Blogmas! I've been so busy with work and Birthday & Christmas celebrations that I've honestly not had the time to edit posts :( but I'm back! This week hopefully won't be as hectic as last week, so hopefully there will be posts up every day until Christmas Day! (And maybe also on Christmas Day!)

So for this post I wanted to fill you in on the past week!

Monday & Tuesday were mostly spent last minute Christmas shopping! I can now say that I have most people's Christmas presents and only have one or two people left to buy for! For me this is a major achievement as I am one of those people who is still buying presents on Christmas Eve!

Wednesday was the start of the birthday celebrations! After work I went out for dinner with a friend at a Chinese restaurant in town where we enjoyed a mini Christmas celebration and exchanged presents!

Thursday was also spent working! However after work we decided that instead of eating out at a restaurant we would all enjoy an Indian takeaway! We have a tradition in our family where we try to always go out to dinner for someones birthday, so this was part of the celebration! I honestly don't think I've ever eaten so much food!


Friday was the day I finally turned 20!  Sadly there wasn't much celebrating done on my actual birthday as I had to work a double shift at work :( However this did mean that I got to spend my birthday with some of my favourite people which made the day more enjoyable!

Saturday night (19th) was our work Christmas party! I can honestly say it's always one of the best days of the year, and this year was definitely no different! Me and a few other friends from work arrived together at the hotel early so that we could all get ready together and have a mini get-ready celebration!

At around 7pm we all went down to the bar/restaurant area where we would be spending the rest of the night! Everyone looked amazing all dressed up! and it was great to see everyone enjoying themselves outside of work! After enjoying the meal it was time to enjoy the rest of the night! This involved alot of dancing and also quite alot of alcohol!

Christmas Party
Blurry Photos
Loved this photo! and am beyond gutted its not in focus! (Although it looked like it was at the time..)
Christmas party 
Christmas Party
Christmas party
Christmas party

What was your favourite thing you did last week?

Hope you enjoyed this little catch up! 
Have an amazing day/night and I'll see you tomorrow for Blogmas Day 22!

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