Day 6! - Christmas Nail Art

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Anyone who knows me will know that one of the things I love doing the most is my nails! So for this post I have decided show you 2 of my favourite nail art designs for the winter/Christmas season and how to recreate the finished look for yourself.
Most of the designs I'm going to show you were found on Pinterest (100% the best place to go to if you need inspiration!) so without further ado lets start!

Santa Themed

This is probably my favourite design and I've had this on my nails for the past week or so . Anyone who follows me on Snapchat will probably have seen this design

red tips
santa hat

The first thing you need to do is using a red nail polish paint half moons onto each of your nails (as if you were doing a French manicure) It doesn't matter how your nails look after this as you can always go back over them after the 2nd step.

The next step is to add a row of white dots at the base of the red polish (like in the second photo) this will create the fur rim for the hat! You don't need to have any special nail tools for this, you can simply use anything that has a slightly rounded bottom, the end of a hair grip will work perfectly! At this point you can go back over the red if you feel like you need to. 

If you want to keep your nails like this then that's perfectly okay however if you want to finish the design the next step is to paint a red triangle shape on the side of your nail over the top of the white  this will form the part of the hat which flops down.

The last step is to add the white bobble onto the bottom of the hat . If you wanted to you could also add a gem or a dab of glitter nail polish to make it stand out

Red - Rimmel 60 Seconds: Rapid Ruby
White - Avon Gel Finish: Iceberg White
Top Coat: Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days: Crystal Clear
Sticker - Ebay 

Candy Cane

I love this design and it is definitely one of the most simple but effective Christmas designs. 

red glitter
candy cane

The first step is to paint all of your nails red apart from one on each hand, you then need to paint the other nail white. This creates the base for the candy cane and I find its easier to put the red over the top rather than the other way round.

The next step is to then paint on 3 or 4 red lines, these could be either thick or thin depending on how you want your nails to look. I personally find that using sellotape or nail strips makes it easier as you can use them like a stencil.

This next step is completely optional and it basically involves painting one nail on each hand a different colour, whether this be white or gold,I feel this makes the design more interesting and Christmassy however it's completely up to you and how you want your nails to look.

The final step is to paint a top coat over the top of all of your nails to ensure the design stays for the longest possible.

Red: Barry M Gelly Hi Shine: Sparkling Ruby
White: Avon Gel Finish: Iceberg White
Gold: Orly (Not sure the name)
Top Coat: Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days: Crystal Clear

Which was your favourite design? Have you got any of your own designs you want to share? Would you like to see more nail art tutorials?

Have an amazing day/night and I'll see you tomorrow for Blogmas Day 7!

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