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As I get older I find that it gets harder to decide what I would like for Christmas, one reason for this being that if I need anything I am generally able to buy it for myself and therefore don't really need others to buy it for me. This can get incredibly frustrating for other people especially as my birthday is a week before Christmas and therefore people require lists from me.

This year is no different in that it is currently December 5th (13 days until my 20th and 20 days until Christmas) and I still haven't really got much of an idea what it is I'd actually like. As someone who isn't a massive fan of surprises this post is quite likely one of the most important posts I will do.

As I'm sure alot of people do the first thing I did when searching for inspiration was head straight to the internet, I find that websites such as Amazon are amazing as not only are they a massive library of pretty much everything you could ever want they also have the option of creating a wish list which makes buying for somebody else so much easier as you are able to buy the exact gift they would like.

The Mentalist
The Mentalist DVD Season 5 (around £12)
The first item on my list is The Mentalist DVD Season 5. Anyone who knows me will probably know I was obsessed with this show when it was on and I still am if I'm honest. I will admit to having most of the DVDs however for some reason I don't seem to own Season 5

Biscuit Mug
Mugs (various prices)

The next item on my list is a mug! You can never have too many mugs.. and besides.. how cute is this one!

Yankee candle

Wax Tarts (around £1.50)
Of course this wouldn't be my Christmas wishlist without candles! I am one of those people who if they could would probably have a candle in every scent (I mean maybe not the ones that don't smell great). At the moment I am really loving the wax tarts from Yankee Candle as they fill the whole room with the scent when they're burnt.

Tea Lights
The penultimate item on my Christmas list is tea lights! Wax burners are amazing! however.. burning a wax tart burns up ALOT of tealights

Nail Polish
Nail Polish (£3 - £7 Depending on which brand)

The final item in my Christmas wishlist is nail polish! I'm one of those people who you could buy nail polish for and I would honestly love you forever! I've always loved doing my nails and am always on the look out for new colours to try out.

Let me know what's on your Christmas wishlist!

Have an amazing day/night and I'll see you tomorrow for Blogmas Day 6!

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