DAY 10! - Stocking Filler Ideas

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Opening a stocking on Christmas morning is something that can be enjoyed by anyone of any age as it's always an exciting way to start off Christmas morning! I have memories of when I was younger sitting on my parents bed opening our stocking presents all together!

So today I wanted to write a post that would hopefully help to provide ideas of how to create the perfect socking! (For those too old to receive presents from Santa of course!)

Most of the stockings I've recieved often contain some sort of jewellery or novelty items and chocolate & sweets and I feel like the best stocking presents include a mixture of both of these as well as something which may be personal to the person receiving the stocking.

Stocking Fillers

Items Included 
(most of these items can be adapted to suit a mans taste)

Hand cream - especially good for the winter months when you need to keep your hands moisturized
Hand Warmers - probably my favorite item on the list to help you keep your hands warm. Especially useful for someone who always gets cold hands
Lip Scrub - I thought this would be a cute item to add to someones stocking and it's Christmas themed!
Novelty Items - novelty items are in my mind one of the best things you can put into a stocking, anything Christmassy is great!
Chocolate & Sweets - If you can't eat chocolate and sweets at Christmas when can you?
Nail Polish - Nail polish is mostly always a good idea for a stocking filler (unless buying for a man)

Have an amazing day/night and I'll see you tomorrow for Blogmas Day 11!

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