Somerset 2015

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As previously mentioned in my pumpkin carving post every year for the past 3 or 4 years we have spent October half term (usually the week before Halloween) on holiday in a caravan or lodge somewhere surrounded by countryside.

This year was no different as we decided to spend a week in a lodge in Cheddar which is a small village in Somerset. It is well known as the origin of Cheddar Cheese. (more information about Cheddar can be found here).

We stayed in a lodge at The Cheddar Woods Resort & Spa and after a long 2 1/2 hour drive the first thing we did upon arriving was take a tour to test out all of the different appliances  explore the place that would be our home for the next week. After a few hours it was clear that we had settled in!

Below is an itinerary of each day and the different places we visited throughout the week.


Sunday was spent exploring the local area and making an all important food shop!

Monday was spent visting Western Super-mare, were we spent ALOT of money shopping...oops. (If you can't splurge on holiday when can you?!) We then each decided to pay £1 and explore the pier we sat outside in the wind and enjoyed fish & chips and a hot drink whilst hiding from seagulls flying close by. Obviously a visit to the pier is not complete without doughnuts and funfair style attractions. (Yes I am talking about those trick mirrors that make you look 10ft tall and in crazy proportion!.. oh and ghost trains with terrifying employees!)


Visit to the town of Wells. We started the day by visting Wells Cathedral however sadly due to copyright issues I am unable to post any photos, sad I know.. We then moved on to 'Bishops' Palace'.

tree hugging

Visit to the 'quirky' town of Glastonbury. (Anyone who has ever been there will know what I mean). To start the day we made a visit to Glastonbury Abbey which was basically a massive garden with remains where an Abbey used to stand.

apples on ground
apples on tree
lake view
spirit shop
sister selfie

We mostly spent Thursday chilling in the lodge however we decided to go into town to do some souvenir shopping and visit the cheddar making factory. As we were there fairly late the workers had finished making cheese for the day and had started to clean up however the tour was still interesting and we had the opportunity to watch a short video which showed the whole process. We ended the day by buying chocolate fudge cookie ice cream shakes from a shop called 'Ice Dreams'. (pictured below) They tasted AMAZING however I am not exagerating when I say they were FREEZING! This meant that it was very entertaining to watch both me and my sister carry them back to the car.

ice cream milkshakes

As Friday was the last day of the holiday we decided to spend the day just chilling at the lodge. Today was the day we finally decided to carve the pumpkin (We decided to name him Fred.. I honestly don't remember why though.

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