Pumpkin Carving

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As I'm sure you'll know this past weekend was Halloween! For anyone who is unaware of what Halloween is, Halloween is traditionally celebrated on the night of 31st October each year and involves people dressing up in often frightening and entertaining costumes.

Most years we are away for Halloween this means that we never normally get the chance to celebrate properly, however this year we would be travelling home in time for Halloween so we decided we wanted to try carving a pumpkin. 

The first part was choosing the pumpkin, we chose a fairly small pumpkin from a farm shop close to where we were staying mainly because we knew that somehow we would have to bring the pumpkin home when we left.

After taking some time deciding which knife would be best to use for the carving we finally decided on a small carving knife (had we been at home we may have spent money on fancy carving tools  but since we were on holiday we made do with what we had). If you have ever tried to carve a pumpkin you will know how hard it is! Especially if nobody in your family has ever carved a pumpkin before!

Once we had carved a hole in the top the next job was scooping out all the seeds... this was hard!

We then decided to take a short break to decide on the design for the pumpkin, this meant scrolling through images on Instagram and Pinterest and choosing ones which we thought we would be able to recreate after finding some AMAZING designs we found a design of a cat which was simple but still effective. It was at this point I felt it would be best for someone else to actually carve the design. This very important job was given to my very artistic sister who in my opinion managed to recreate the design very well... she's my sister so I guess i'm biased but feel free to check out the photos below and make your own opinion.

How did you celebrate? Did you carve your own pumpkin? Did you dress up? Or did you decide to spend the night in with a good movie hiding from anyone who came 'trick or treating'? 

pumpkin before
pumpkin top
bowl of seeds
during carving
finished pumpkin

*Don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle*

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