Dying My Hair

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Ever since I was younger I have always had blonde hair and blue eyes. (Cue photo montage!...)

old beach photo
me as a toddler
me as a child

After having the same hair colour for almost 20 years I decided it was finally time for a change! I had wanted to dye my hair for a long time but could never decide on the colour I wanted and to be honest I was terrified I would end up messing it up and I would end up with some crazy coloured hair but I decided that it was now or never.

I spent hours upon hours researching different ways of dying your hair and different techniques people found worked for them. It was during this research that I found out the risks of dying your hair because of the chemical involved, I'd be lying if I said this didn't worry me! However I knew that dying my hair was definitely something I wanted to do so despite my worries I decided to go ahead.

The most important piece of advice I can give to someone who is thinking of dying their hair at home instead of having it done professionally is to read the instructions that come with the dye carefully and ALWAYS carry out a skin test for 48 hours before dying your hair. This is so important and should be done even if you've used the colour before as ingredients in the product may have been changed since you last dyed your hair.

I did use 2 different colours to get the final colour this was because after the first colour I decided that I still wanted to go darker and colour was similar to my natural hair colour. I have included photos below that show the final result from both hair colours.

asda chrismas selfie
Original Colour
After the first colour

me as a brunette
Final Result

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