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I'm probably one of the only people who feel like this but I've never really been a fan of Sundays, I've always felt like Sunday's are the longest day of the week which for me personally means that they often tend to drag and now I'm not in college anymore I don't have endless amounts of coursework to catch up on every Sunday (don't say you don't do that cause everybody knows you do ;))

So in order to try to fill the day I decided it was time to go out and do some exploring. We decided to take a 15 minute drive to the town of Padstow. As it was already quite late by the time we left (around 2pm) we only spent around 2 hours there but with the cold Autumn wind we felt that this was enough.

We started by looking around various local shops where we found many touristy style shops (the ones you used to go into when you were younger to buy fridge magnets and key rings). Whilst doing so we discovered many fudge shops and being lovers of all things sweet we of course decided to try out some of the different flavours on offer, together we chose a bag for £5 which contained 4 slices of each flavour we had chosen (lemon meringue, death by white chocolate, salted caramel and strawberries & cream).

We also went for a walk around the harbour where we came across a talented local busker who was raising money for charity. Of course being in Cornwall meant that it was necessary to have a pasty for lunch so we went into one of the many pasty shops in the village to pick one up. There were so many different flavours to chose from however I chose to stick to the traditional Cornish pasty.

After walking around the area for a bit longer we decided that it was time to head home, whilst driving home we decided to stop for a few minutes to get some photos of the sun as it was setting.

Overall it was a very good weekend and something I feel we should do more often, below is a collection of photos taken at different points throughout the day.


harbour panorama




road trip sunset

road trip sunset

Hope everyone else has also had an amazing weekend!

Thank you

*Don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle*

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