Prom 2015

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It's taken just over a month to post this and I'm honestly not sure why but here it is...

Every year there is a sixth form prom to celebrate the past few years and to say goodbye to those in year 13 who are leaving, this year it was held at 
Longcross Hotel (June 25th) and was Great Gatsby themed.

I've never really been one for dressing up, especially not for occasions such as this one.. (this could be part of the reason I didn't have a dress to wear (or shoes for that matter) until the day before.
.) and the thought of actually going to prom was kinda crazy in itself but after some convincing from a certain person I eventually decided to go and hate to admit that I did have a good time (although being slightly drunk could have helped with that :P)
Most of the photos below were taken by others so all photo credit goes to them :)

health & social
year 13 retakes
13 retakes colour
black and white
black and white
prom selfie

'Don't let anyone ever dull your sparkle'

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